property management St. LouisMany property owners worry that using our property management company in St. Louis could impact the money they make on their investment. In fact, using a good property management company like Reinvested Development could actually save you money. Learn how we can help!

How We Can Save You Money

Quick and inexpensive repairs.

Even the best property is going to need occasional repairs. A property management company can help you get those repairs done as quickly as possible and for a good rate. Most property management teams have a network of handymen and technicians who they work with on a regular basis, so they’ve been vetted as a trustworthy source who often give them a good deal in exchange for more work.

Monitoring of your property.

If you don’t live near your property, having someone close by who can keep an eye on things for you is invaluable. You never know which renter may start taking liberties with your property or not keeping it in good repair as stated in the contract. Our property management team will regularly check on your property to ensure everything looks clean, safe, and secured.

Marketing vacancies to the right people.

The longer a rental property sits empty, the more money you are losing on it. A property management team will know how to market your rental and who to market it to so it gets rented quickly. This can help you make more money during the time you own the property.

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