Our property management team in St. Louis has been helping property owners maximize the value of their rental properties for years. One of the things that we help our property owners is the need for occasional repairs on their rentals. Rental repairs can include anything from replacing a doorknob to replacing a roof. While we’ve seen and heard it all, there are a few common issues with rentals that come up time and again. Here are a few that we see a lot and how to avoid them in your own rental properties.

property management St. LouisWhat Issues Commonly Found in Rentals

Unkempt landscaping.

It might not seem like a big deal, but unkempt landscaping can lower your property values and invite other issues like rodents and other pests. If your rental property has a yard, make sure you have an agreement with your renter that they will keep it maintained or pay for someone to do it for them.

Leaking pipes.

Renters might be reluctant to report a leaking pipe to their landlord for fear of getting in trouble with them or being charged with the repairs. Unfortunately, leaking pipes can be a sign of a bigger problem, and pipes that aren’t fixed right away can lead to serious water damage in the future.

Broken appliances.

Appliances can be a real headache for property owners! You’ll want appliances that are inexpensive yet sturdy enough to withstand the demand of tenants who might only live in your property for a year. Repairs are, unfortunately, frequent when comes to appliances in rental properties.

Partner With a Good Property Management Company

These issues are why so many people choose to partner with a good St. Louis property management company. Our team can help ensure that your property is kept in good repair even when you don’t have the time or ability to check on it yourself. We also have resources to help get repairs done quickly so small issues with your rental property don’t have time to develop into big problems. Click on the button below to get in touch with our property management team today!

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