The world of real estate can be a complicated field for many homeowners. If you’re renting out your property, you’re probably more than familiar with the payment process. Often times, the stress of collecting and depositing rent monies can be enough to cause frustration. Reinvested Development is here to help those who are seeking professional property management in the St. Louis area. A part of our customer service commitment is the way in which we handle payments from the tenant to your bank account. Today, we’ll look at the benefits of using electronic payments and how it serves to improve our property management services.


What is ACH?


In essence, the Automatic Clearing House is an electronic network that handles large volumes of credit and debit transactions. These transactions include direct deposit, vendor, and payroll payments. According to their website, the National Automated Clearing House Association moves over $40 trillion dollars every year! ACH is recognized for its benefits when dealing with electronic payments as opposed to the more paper-centric options available out there. The clear advantage of ACH payments is its overall processing speeds. The NACHA Operating Rules sets the groundwork for same-day settlement of digital debit and credit transactions.


How Does it Benefit Me?


ACH has probably been proven useful so far with its direct deposit method that accounts for a huge number of employed Americans. However, the rest of this payment method’s setup is also helpful in that it brings the following benefits:


  • More convenience. Online banking and clearing means no more fumbling through papers and receipts. Why worry about running to the bank before it closes when you can have full access to your account through a smartphone?
  • Better payments. With its high levels of accuracy and processing speeds, you’ll spend less time stressing and more time counting payments. Transactions can only be disputed for three reasons, which equates to more consistency in payment. If your ACH payment process fails, you’ll be privy to the information ASAP.
  • Cheaper costs. It’s digital processes means that ACH transactions are cheaper and suffer from less fees. Whereas checks and credit cards require steep transactional fees for your business, ACH works to cut out most of it. This can help to keep your costs low over a long period of time along with helping us to offer real property management at an affordable price.
  • Great automation. With automatic ACH payments, we can ensure that you are receiving the rent on time. This benefit couples with auto invoicing and payment tracking to make life as low stress as possible. As long as your tenants approve the automatic billing, you’re set to enjoy the income!

When it comes to convenience and cost effectiveness, Reinvested Development has you covered! We offer professional property management for St. Louis and have succeeded with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Keeping things affordable and simple are what drive us to be the best. Next week, we’ll look into a couple more benefits of ACH payments and how it can make your life better. If you’re looking for a top-notch property manager, don’t hesitate to contact us today!